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Senior Living & Memory Care

​​Congratulations Roseleaf Gardens and Roseleaf Oroville for perfect state inspections. Keep up the good work!

Coming this summer! 

The Dementia Village Inspired Concept at Roseleaf Gardens​

Senior Living

Roseleaf offers specialized assisted living services for seniors and their families since 1998. Our comprehensive care programs provide solutions and choices to meet various lifestyle challenges that seniors and families experience.

Memory Care

Roseleaf has the ideal environment for elderly with dementia or other cognitive impairments, wherein free movement is encouraged between indoor and outdoor spaces to foster the benefits of both environments. Alzheimer's, Parkinson's 

Engaging Lifestyle

Roseleaf's Quality of Life team facilitates recreational activities that are enjoyable and caters to a more meaningful lifestyle. An array of activities and events are scheduled each day which keep us engaged all day. Families, friends, ad volunteers are always welcome join our activities.

Wellness and Health

Roseleaf's care team includes experienced nurses, care coordinators, and trained resident assistants who ensure that your health and wellness is closely monitored. Wellness program includes medication management, nutritional planning, weight monitoring, In-Home Primary Care and Palliative Care, Podiatry Care, Ear Care, other incidental medical services.