Why A Village?

The goal is to reproduce those activities and routines that are a normal part of peoples’ lives. Likewise, there are several differently landscaped garden areas for residents to enjoy as they navigate the grounds. Residents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of household life. Hogeweyk refers to these routines as “Backstage” functions. All other aspects of life, the “Frontstage” as they call it, involve how residents navigate their community once they have left their household. Residents are free to move about the extensive grounds, utilizing the various streets, courtyards and garden areas to access the assortment of shops that are available.

Residents are also encouraged to join the multitude of clubs, of which there are currently 35 within the Hogeweyk program. One of the most important lessons we learned from our visit is that Roseleaf’s vision and Hogeweyk’s vision, are closely aligned. We both seek to create communities in which the quality of life components of our programs become the centerpiece and purpose around which all programming, and its implementation, are built. 

The Dementia Village Inspired Concept

Our Directors recently had the opportunity and privilege, to tour the Hogeweyk Dementia Village in Weesp, Netherlands. As many of you know, our Roseleaf Gardens location has been undergoing a face-lift over the past several months. Our new addition and the renovations that have, and will continue to occur in our existing spaces, unveiling in August 2017, are in preparation for the launch of our dementia village approach, as inspired by the Hogeweyk community.

The Hogeweyk community offers a sense of peace, tranquility and normalcy that is truly inspiring. It is laid out in such a way that the "neighborhoods," or households, in which the residents live enclose the entire community, with a multitude of streets that are lined with various shops and venues, a movie theater, a restaurant, and a supermarket.​


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