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Living An Enriched Life

Life is defined as, "the sequence of physical and mental experiences that make up the existence of an individual". The enjoyment of life is realized through the normalcy of an active enriched life. Our Life Enrichment program provides the opportunity for our residents to explore one's own self directed interests through the participation in club activities. Club activities are created through personal interviews with residents and families to guide development of clubs that encourage social participation, purposeful activities and positive interactions. Our creative team organizes each club activity with residents, families and volunteers. You are invited and we encourage our families to participate and become active members of our community as well.

Visiting Pets Welcome

image of senior with a puppy for pet therapy

Roseleaf is working with Chico's Butte Humane Society in an effort to provide fun and engaging pet therapy with our residents. Pet therapy is proven to build upon the human-animal bond. Residents benefit from increased movement, verbal communication, and socialization.

Special Interest Groups Offer:

  • Reading, listening and storytelling sessions individually and with a group
  • Exercise groups designed to strengthen muscles including vocal and neck
  • Structured, supervised friendship groups and tea time for socialization
  • Pet therapy sessions help increase mobility, reduces stress and help with anxiety
  • Nature walks on our grounds for relaxation
  • Spa Day - relaxation sessions
  • Beauty Shop and Gentlemen’s Club


Creativity Encourages a Sense of Purpose

Arts & Crafts Benefit Seniors & Those with Dementia on Many Levels.

Painting, writing, drawing and other types of crafts promote personal growth, reduces boredom and encourages socialization with others.
As we move forward with our Dementia Village Concept, there will be new "clubs" and art sessions centered around mixed media activities paying special attention to prompting conversation and original creativity.

Roseleaf Arts & Crafts Offer:

  • Decoupage designed to offer tactile sensation practice
  • Painting on mixed mediums or ceramics for visual and small motor skills
  • Clay modeling for strengthening hand muscles
  • Crafting activities using glue, paint, scissors for small motor coordination

image of sign that reads,'volunteers needed'

Giving your time can truly make a difference in the lives of our senior residents. Roseleaf is happy to welcome student organizations, community groups, club facilitators, musicians, artists, crafters, companions and more! Come and share your talent with our residents and bring joy into their lives. The opportunities are endless! Call us today for more information on how you can make a difference in the lives of others.

image of a painting session

image of a quote

Enriching the Lives of Our Residents with Technology & More!

This spring the Roseleaf communities will be will be utilizing technology to help keep residents active and engaged in life. Our goal is to provide MORE activities that produce positive mental stimulation by the use of technology. The items in our wish list below will help us reach this goal and we need your help.

Wish List Corner!

Roseleaf we will be using Skype and FaceTime to keep families and friends connected. These platforms will allow us to maintain and build stronger relationships between families and friends near and far!

We are reaching out to the community for help in collecting new or used tablets and smart phones to help us accomplish this endeavor!

images of old tablets and phones

image of elderly folks using technology to communitcate with friends and family

Music Therapy Sessions!

Personalized Music Therapy Sessions have demonstrated positive effects and huge improvements in the quality of life for persons suffering from dementia / memory loss. When music touches areas of the brain that have not been affected by the disease, the results are simply un-believeable, as demonstrated in this video.

Music Therapy Evokes Long-Term Memories & Feelings

  • Music helps decrease anxiety and depression - bringing happy memories to the surface
  • Influences the heart rate - helping improve blood pressure
  • Residents are more social and happier when listening to music of their choice
  • Music promotes singing and dancing helping with vocal cord stimulation and physical activity

image of headphones

Arts & Craft Supplies & Makeup

We use arts and craft for the therapeutic benefits. Arts and crafts help alleviate boredom and reduce stress that can be caused by memory loss / dementia. We are currently looking for easels (used is perfect) for our indoor / outdoor art club. Any arts and craft supplies is always welcome!
Makeup is also another necessity as we like to pamper our residents and make them feel beautiful inside and out.

image of art supplies

image of easels for art

image of makeup kits and brushes

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