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Welcome to Roseleaf Gardens - Dementia Village in Chico

image of the new Tower at Roseleaf Gardens
The New Tower Entrance

image of the backyard garden and walking areas at Roseleaf Gardens in Chico
A View From The Backyard

image of the back yard entrance into the villageEntrance to Our Village From the Backyard

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Roseleaf Gardens has set the standard for what assisted living with memory care can and should be for our elderly residents. We are situated in an established senior community that offers indoor and outdoor living with access to an expansive and glorious garden area that is without equal.

image of a bench to relax on in the backyard

Our safe and secure gated community is unique with respect to its emphasis on, and encouragement of, free and self-directed resident movement throughout the different purposed areas and themed spaces that are now present within our Dementia Village community. All of these environments are similar to what we might find in a typical village or neighborhood setting.

Our village is complete with a Movie Theater, Sports Pub, Bistro, Garden Lounge, Library and Music Room, Craft Room, four restaurant style themed dining areas, and two downtown plazas.

image of the backyard landscape area at Roseleaf Gardens

These settings improve the quality of life within our village by supporting residents to have positive and meaningful interactions and activities within their environment. By creating these familiar sights, sounds, routines and activities, we stimulate the residents in ways that encourage them to reconnect with their prior memories and past experiences.

Our location consists of two villas, each of which accommodates up to 28 residents. Within each villa, there are four neighborhoods that allow for more focused care to a smaller group of individuals. Each villa also has a lovely, and lively community lounge area that facilitates interactions between residents from different family units, and which is ideal for facilitating both structured and unstructured, social and recreational activities.

image of a bench to relax on in the backyard

Roseleaf Gardens, like its sister facilities, promotes balance and combines the benefits of smaller and larger care communities into one exceptional care environment. Our communities have something to offer everyone, and you can rest assured that Roseleaf will continue to provide the intimate, personal, and unsurpassed care that you have come to expect.

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Keeping Families Connected Via Technology

Roseleaf Gardens is now using Skype and FaceTime to keep families and friends connected. These platforms allow us to maintain and build stronger relationships between families and friends near and far and we couldn't be more excited! Be sure to contact our activities department for more information.
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image of the skype logo

image of a map that leads to Roseleaf Gardens in Chico, California
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Business Information & Directions

Admissions: 530-488-4320
Resident Services: 530-895-0800
Address: 2770 Sierra Ladera, Chico, CA 95928
RCFE # 045002445

Business Information

Admissions / Referrals:
- 530-488-4320
Resident Services:
- 530-895-0800

- 2770 Sierra Ladera, Chico, CA 95928
RCFE # 045002445

Business Information

Admissions / Referrals: 530-488-4320
Resident Services: 530-895-0800

Address: 2770 Sierra Ladera, Chico, CA 95928
RCFE # 045002445

Contact Us To Schedule A Tour!

Contact Us To Schedule A Tour!

image of a bench to relax on in the backyard

image the garden fountain in the back yard

another image the garden fountain in the back yard

Here is What Our Village Has To Offer!

image of Roseleaf Gardens new Bistro and Garden Lounge
Garden Lounge / Bistro Area

image of Roseleaf Gardens Western Themed restaurant/dining area
Western Themed Dining Area

image of Roseleaf Gardens Chico style sports pub
Sports Pub

image of Roseleaf Gardens new Movie theater
Movie Theater / Cinema

We are very pleased and proud to announce that our Dementia Village Inspired Community is now open at the Roseleaf Gardens Location.
The new Tower Entrance, Garden Lounge, and Bistro are now open to welcome residents, families, friends and guests. We hope that you enjoy our newly designed and furnished spaces, and that you have a wonderful time in our new village!

Look for opportunities throughout these themed environments to engage in interesting, stimulating, and meaningful activities and programming. For example, our Music and Library will host musical events and reading clubs, while our Arts and Crafts Studio will foster and stimulate creative energy and artistic enthusiasm. Likewise, please feel free to relax and lounge in our Fountain and Garden Plazas, which offer comfortable seating and intimate areas for socialization.

Similarly, look forward to viewing your favorite shows and movies, large sporting events like the Super Bowl and World Series, and other featured presentations within our New Legacy Theatre. If a pub feel is more your style, visit the Chico Sports Bar, where you can play cards while watching the game, or relax with a cold Near Beer or other tasty beverage. If you'd like to relax with some coffee, snacks, and good company, visit our Garden Lounge and Bistro, or have a meal with us in one of our restaurant style themed dining rooms.

We are excited by the many new themed and purposed spaces that we've created within our Village and hope that you will have a wonderful and worthwhile experiene with us.


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